Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day One in San Dimas

Today @andrewtalansky and I drove down to beautiful, smog filled, Los Angeles for the San Dimas stage race.

The drive was seven hours of super exciting scenery... if you're into open fields and stinky cows anyway.

Once we got in we got checked into the hotel and went for a spin to preview the TT course. Out there we saw most of our field and some other cool cats as well. The climb looks just as fun as I remember it from last year and look forward to punishing myself up it again.

I go off at 5:07pm, hopefully that burrito I ate tonight will be gone by then. Can't be carrying that up the climb.


Road race Saturday that I did well on in the Cat 2 race last year and then a downtown crit Sunday.

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hernando said...

kill it out there, Staz!