Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 Thus Far

Quick recap of what has happened in 2010 so far:

I raced the traditional San Bruno hill climb on Jan 1st and finished 3 seconds faster than last year in 6th place.


After that I had a training camp with my new team Cal Giant in Watsonville. There I got to meet everyone, do some great riding, get all my gear, and most importantly eat a LOT!

Picture of Osvaldo Olmos cutting up the skirt steak. We all ate too much that night, but Jesse Moore and Steve Reaney decided to have a strawberry shortcake eating contest. I tried to get involved but I am not in the same league apparently.


The next race for me was Cal Aggie where Brandon "Crashton" Trafton won the field sprint to finish second after a rider slipped away in the final lap.


Andrew "Pullmansky" Talansky, Tyler Brandt, Crashton and I went hunting for some pie in Napa and succeeded. I finished second to Yahoo! 's Dirk Copeland and Pullmansky got 9th out of a 12 man break that formed early in the race.


And this past weekend Pullmansky, Crashton, and I drove too many hours to the Valley of the Sun Stage Race.

Talansky had a great TT to start things off where he finished 3rd to Chodroff and Amaran (I finished 21st).

In the RR there were a couple of attacks early and a group of 12 went up the road with Talansky and the rest of the GC guys. They stayed away and Talansky sprinted to 2nd place and got a couple of time bonuses to secure his 3rd place overall.

The crit had a bunch of attacks, but nothing seemed to be going anywhere except for a solo attempt from Amaran who was also pulled back a few laps later. We tried to set me up for the sprint, but it didn't exactly work out and finished about 20th.

Talansky held on to 3rd overall and I finished 20th.
Trafton finished 11th in the crit and 21st overall in the Cat 2 race.

Results can be found here.

We had a lot of laughs and I felt like we really gelled as a team this weekend and I look forward to a great season.


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James said...


Time trial photos are available here, and more photos from the other stages will be up soon on James Rickman Photography.

Congratulations on your race!